Choosing a photographer to shoot your head shots is a daunting task. You are trying to make everyone happy. Your agents, yourself, casting directors, everyone. As I looked into different photographers, Justin Patterson came highly recommended to me, and the moment I looked at his work I was completely sold. I love clean head shots that put all the attention on your face and who YOU really are. Justin does that. He listens and makes sure you feel comfortable and confident. Every detail is thought of and at the end of the day you have an amazing, super fun, super relaxed shoot that produces amazing, honest, and stunning photos. Its exactly how i want to present myself. Justin is awesome and touches base a few times before you shoot so you are on the same page and can talk about what type of shots you are looking for, what you are going to bring to wear, how your hair is going to be, and your makeup. He helps you make a plan so you have a direction for your shoot. Justin is professional, funny, kind, and a wildly talented photographer who has a great eye for head shots, promo shots, or really anything you need. He is a performer himself, so he knows what is IN right now and what looks good on paper at the end of the day. I can’t say enough good things! I am already planning more shoots with him, and know that we are going to have a blast shooting every time!

- Paloma Garcia-Lee


Shooting with Justin is a joy! He has a keen eye and is a fabulous director even to someone who is comfortable in front of the camera. He put me at ease and made my shoot fun.  His personality and energy encouraged me to be myself, which produces the best headshots. I don't think I would go to anyone else!

- Amanda Kloots-Larsen


Working with Justin has been an absolute pleasure, almost as if I were reconnecting with an old friend who is coincidentally a brilliant photographer!  I've had the opportunity to shoot with him on several occasions and each time he has been effortlessly professional while quickly making me feel comfortable and relaxed with his easygoing charm.  Before our first session, I was a ball of nerves - I was worried about my hair being too big, my makeup being smudged, not to mention the fact that I had only horrible experiences in front of a camera. Those nerves were almost instantly assuaged when I met Justin and he asked about my day, my family, and my passions and told me a little about his life.  I cannot thank him enough for that initial human interaction and his genuine interest in who I am because there wasn't a subsequent moment I felt uncomfortable or inelegant. He gave great direction all-around, especially with which angles worked best for my face and how to make my eyes pop in a headshot, and was more than happy to work with my preferences and ideas. From that first session I have some of the most stunning headshots I could have ever hoped for all because of Justin's talent. The singular bad part was having to pick only a few final images when almost every unedited photo was blue ribbon worthy! Since then, I've met Justin as both collaborator and friend to expand his portfolio and my resumé. Regardless of the artistic aim, his work keeps its subject and his or her experience the priority. I'm taken aback every time I see one of his photos and can't help but ask, "Is that me?!" in the best way possible. Justin-I can't thank you enough for your beautiful photography. I'll never shoot with anyone else!

- Amanda Esposito

Lindsey Bracco-163-Edit.jpg

I loved everything about my photo session with Justin Patterson.  Not only did he care about making me happy and comfortable, but he cared about my story and what I wanted to portray in my photos.  He captured love, passion and honesty. I felt myself on and off camera.  He has a natural confidence in his work and portrayed his passion with my passion of being the client.  He took the time to analyze each picture to see what worked, what didn’t work and what we both could do better to make my photos the best and most like me.  In our session, he made it so easy to forget about the outside world and be focused only on myself and his camera. He saw life through my eyes with no judgements and that was the most important thing to me.

- Lindsey Bracco


Working with Justin was so much fun!  He made me feel comfortable and confident during my shoot and his amazing eye captured a collection of great photos.  I was really impressed and had trouble choosing my favorite shots!  The entire experience with Justin, from deciding which outfits to wear to selecting the final images, was such a pleasure! I would recommend him to anyone!

- Katie Atkins